We will likely have already  sent you a detailed packet of forms to fill out and informative readings about bankruptcy which this supplements. Our first meeting will consist of a very practical financial analysis and strategy session designed to answer three questions:

  • What’s wrong,
  • How do we fix it and,
  • How much will it cost?

The first 1/2 hour of the meeting will be free and thereafter my hourly rate is $275 per hour or pro rata increment.  I will expect payment at the conclusion of our meeting unless you decide to retain my services, in which case we will sign a contract for me to perform your bankruptcy with your cooperation.

This is not a “free” service, however. Ironically enough it costs money to go bankrupt, at least if you use the services of a private lawyer.  I will not quote you a price over the phone so if you are price shopping please do not call me! Remember you get what you pay for.  IF you pay $1200 for a 7 you will get $1200 worth of service.   I  price bankruptcy work based on type, complexity and number of creditor accounts which we can only ascertain when we meet with you, have a look at the initial documents you provide and discuss your needs and financial goals and situation in detail. There is also a filing fee established by the court for each type of bankruptcy which you will be required to pay and my quote will be exclusive of this fee. It will be approximately $300.

We ask that you complete the items below to the best of your ability.  We realize it is a long, even daunting, list but declaring bankruptcy is a major life altering event and a lot of paperwork goes into it. But don’t worry; we will be with you every step of the way!  Lets break it down:

What to Bring or Send in Advance of Our First Meeting: At a minimum you will need to have the following items for us at our first meeting:

  1. 6 months paystubs with no omissions or pay period gaps starting 6 months prior to the month in which we are to meet for you or for both debtors, if husband and wife, filing jointly.  For example: if we are to meet in September, we need paystubs from March through August, inclusive.
  2. 6 months bank statements (all accounts in which for you or for both debtors, if husband and wife, if filing jointly, has/have an interest), every page including blanks.  This can be a download but must show bank name, acct no. etc. starting 6 months prior to the month in which we are to meet.
  3.  Best Case Questionnaire; complete every page and item marking items that do not pertain “N/A” and the Household Inventory.  Please call or email to receive a copy.
  4. Credit counseling for you or for both debtors, if husband and wife filing. is recommended. My Attorney Access Code is 372198, WE CANNOT FILE WITHOUT FIRST COURSE COUNSELING CERTIFICATES.
  5. Latest filed Federal tax return (2 years) with all schedules and W-2 (We do NOT need State Return),
  6. One utility bill to prove occupancy,
  7. One form of photo ID for each filer, and,
  8. A triple credit report (you can get this for free from  Should linclude TransUnion, Expeion and

Generally, the more painstaking and accurate you are here, the more smoothly and quickly we will be able to file your bankruptcy.